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There was no time to dawdle! 
Roobarb had his chums coming over for dinner and he had a feast to prepare. They all knew about his appetite for the finer things in life, so they'd be expecting an unrivaled menu of magnificent morsels. He raced through the garden to the shed, rummaged around for his chef's hat and readied himself for his very own masterclass in mastercheffery. 
As a young pup he'd watched in awe at a little man cooking inside the television called Gordon Rottweiler and had always fancied a go himself. "Of course!" shrieked Roobarb as he chewed over his options. "To come up with the finest food known to dog-kind, I'll need the best ingredients." 
Meanwhile, back on the fence Custard the cat was indifferent to yet another Roobarb creation, settling back to sleep while Roobarb got on the bonefone to all is favourite nutritional experts - this was going to be a smorgasbord of canine delights, balanced and healthy. He ordered up the best supplies he could find from "The Best Supplies Delivery Company I Can Find”, pulled out his trusty spatula and started to mix and concoct. 
After a while, the delicate aroma of his culinary creations began to waft out of the shed, across the garden and into the world beyond, like an invisible signpost to something special being served up for supper. "Welcome to you all," barked Roobarb as his pals arrived. 
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