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Two Near The Bone began with the idea of developing a healthy, all natural dog food with no added nonsense, that would help keep your doggo full of energy and bounce! Then we got to thinking about one of the most bounciest, wackiest and happiest dogs we know - the lovable Roobarb! So we got on the bone phone and with the help of Roobarb and Custard brand owners A&Btv we were able to produce Roobarb’s very own Dog’s Dinner. Staying true to Roobarb's roots we manufacture up't north not far from where Roobarb creator Grange Calvely was born and our food has been formulated by qualified nutritionists to be high in protein, highly digestible, 100% fresh and grain free so, like Roobarb, your dog can keep on adventuring!  
If you have any questions about the ingredients in our dog food, feel free to get in touch via the contact page. 


Here is a brief history of how Roobarb first came to roam the garden by the iconic animation's creator Grange Calveley… 
“It all began when this chap, a Welsh Bored Collie, came to live with us. Hanny and I hadn’t been married for very long when we came to live in this lovely house with its big garden, its shed and its old conker tree. Oh and the rhubarb that grew under an old rusty bucket. That’s about when our four legged Welsh friend moved in and the first thing that he did was to water the rhubarb. And from that moment on, we called him Roobarb.” 
I worked in an advertising agency and my “computer” in those days was my layout pad and my felt tip pens. In between thinking up advertising campaigns, I used to daydream about what Roobarb might be up to. Was he in the house – still trying to catch the fly from last evening? Was he in the garden watching next door’s cat on the fence? Before I knew it, I had a pad full of drawings.” 
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